Engagement Shoot – Tony & Ahlem in Arundel Park

Tony and Ahlem are getting married at Alexander House Hotel and Spa in July.  We met up again to take some pre wedding photographs in Arundel Park.  We had a lot of fun learning a few key poses in the park and luckily we had some rather lovely weather.

My couple were worried they wouldn’t be very natural in front of the camera on their wedding day, which is why the requested an engagement shoot.  The idea from my perspective is to meet up and get to know the couple a bit better.  By doing so they will naturally be more at ease with you when they see you on their wedding day.  Its also an opportunity to see what poses work best for them, and to give them some pointers on how to stand, hold each other, and to loose a few inhibitions.  We had a giggle trying various things ( not quite sure about Tony’s ‘GQ” face!) but it was all great stuff and the natural unaware shots were still probably my favourites.

Now I’m looking forward to photographing their wedding at Alexander House,

Good luck with the final preparations!