Southend Barns Wedding Photographers – Rosie and Roberts Big Day

Rosie and Robert – Southend Barn Wedding

Sneak Peak – so many lovely wedding to share and not enough time to BLOG!

So wonderful to be back at Southend barns for Rosie and Roberts Wedding.  It was a hot and sunny day ( 30 degrees at least?!), but Rosie and Robert had a lovely relaxed intimate day with around 30 of their lovely friends and family

Southend Barns is so pretty and the enclosed courtyard really suited this wedding as it brought everyone together and offered some well deserved shelter too!

Congratulations Rosie and Robert, for more information about wedding photography at Southend barns go to Justine Claire – Sussex Wedding Photographer

Southend Barns Wedding Rosie Robert 0120Southend Barns Wedding Rosie Robert 0135Southend Barns Wedding Rosie Robert 0237Southend Barns Wedding Rosie Robert 0231Southend Barns Wedding Rosie Robert 0215Southend Barns Wedding Rosie Robert 0222

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