Woodlands Park Hotel Wedding Photographer Surrey

Woodlands Park Hotel Wedding Photographer Surrey

Handpicked Hotels – Have a peak at Woodlands Park Hotel Stoke D’Abernon



I shot a gorgeous wedding here for Anne Marie and Mark here in July, the weather was awful – but hey! Happy crowd – game for anything and I work tirelessly to make sure you get a wonderful set of images.  I loved the staff at this hotel too – who were wonderful rushing in and out with umbrellas – nothing was too much troulble and the day was run with the utmost efficiency,

I loved being the wedding photographer at Woodlands Park hotel surrey – If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Surrey – drop me a line – Im happy to chat and hear about your wedding plans,…… Take a look at the portfolio page too to see what my photography is like across the different types of weddings I have done.

Lockheart Films and the Ceilidh was A3 Ceilidh Band – they are fab! have recommended these guys 4 times now and all the brides say they are Fabbo-

Court Gardens Farm Barn Photographers Ditchling – Vineyard wedding

Court Gardens farm Barn – Vineyard wedding photographers

A stunning Venue and Beautiful weather too for this early September wedding for Sarah and Rhys in Ditchling.  A lovely introduction for me to this Vineyard wedding venue in East Sussex.  I have photographed many weddings at Barns accross Sussex and think of myself as a bit of a specialist in shooting Rustic, relaxed scenes for your wedding photography – the added bonus here was the Vineyard views and we also went down to the lake for some photographs!

Court Gardens Farm sits in the lea of the South Downs, just to the north of Ditchling. It is home to Howard and Jenny Corney; a traditional mixed farm with an emphasis on sheep. The vineyard occupies three fields in the centre of the farm; They created the first vintage of Court Garden Sparkling Wine in 2007, and have just released some of the fifth vintage. More information on their international award-winning sparkling wines, which you can order online.

So an ideal combination for your wedding – beauty and access to vintage wines! perfect! I have to admit that prior to the wedding I popped down to the vineyard to see what it looked like – and I purchased a beautiful bottle of sparkling wine – truly delicious, so well worth a trip for the vineyard tour on its own!

Looking for a Sussex photographer – drop me a line Justine Claire Photography – Reportage coverage for your day…..





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Grittenham Barn Wedding Photography

Stunning Grittenham Barn Wedding – West Sussex Wedding Photography

Stunning, Stunning Grittenham Barn – I love the relaxed feel of this place –  the barn is fully dedicated to your wedding from the day before to 11am the day after your wedding. For a Saturday wedding, that means you have all of Friday to setup and till 11am Sunday to pack up.  Tables and chairs are included in the hire price. So all in all thats a pretty fabulous start to choosing your wedding bar The barn seats 120 people comfortably or 250 standing.

You can also hire a marquee for the courtyard creating additional space adjacent to the barn giving you shade on a hot day or shelter on a wet day.  Which i have to say has come in very very handy in the SUNshine and very very handy in the Rain!  This latest wedding her had every weather you could imagine – but such a fun bunch of people, lively, smiley and up for bobbing in and out weather dictating of course .  I remember standing up in the office where you get a group photography shot from and we could all hear the thunder rolling in, and i had to raise my voice ( thinking No body will listen!….) “Everyone gather round – there’s a storm a-coming” and out of everywhere everyone ran into the center spot It was brilliant to watch – one tow three….. give me a wave…. strike a pose!! and off you all go – and then the heavens opened – fantastic! Everyone one escaped the downpour but if you go to the full story on my website you will see what weather occured 1 minute after the group photograph and i think the the weather added to the fun and laughter of the day and made some stunning photographic backdrops for me!!

So if you are looking for a Barn wedding photographer in West Sussex or East Sussex or looking for wedding photography for your Grittenham Barn wedding, I may be the girl for you – I have 12 years experience throughout most of the leading venues in Southern England and i’d love to discuss you wedding plans and photography requirements for your day…. Justine Claire photography – based in Arundel near Chichester


Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-20Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-38Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-47Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-53Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-71Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-79Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-102Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-103Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-104Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-125Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-132Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-141Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-144Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-151Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-154Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-461Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-519Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-530Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-531Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-543Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-558Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-586Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-590Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-592Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-908Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-909Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-912Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-914Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-915Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-916Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-944Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-945Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-960Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-967Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-968Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-976Social files Grittenham Barn Wedding Sally Alex-979

Alexander House Wedding Photographer

Alexander House Hotel & Utopia Spa

Wedding Photographs from Tony and Ahlem’s Big Day


Such a gorgeous wedding at Alexander house hotel, – I love coming here to photograph weddings because you can have luxury and gorgeous backdrops all rolled into one.

A stunning venue like Alexander house needs no introduction really! This venue is near Crawley in Turners Green- it is quite magnificent and beautifully run.  I love the entrance way and i imagine anyone turning up here for the first time would have to utter “Wow” – which is what you want all your wedding guests to say – so that your wedding becomes one of those weddings to remember.  Equally stunning are the views from the back terrace where guests are usually invited to take their reception drinks and if your summer wedding is blistering hot – you have the option of the shade from the beautiful old trees in the grounds.  its always a relief to guests, especially your older guets to be able to step away from the rays of the sun if it gets too intense.

There is also an upper terrace behind the newer additional block that the hotel has bulit with extra-ordinarily lavish suites.  the upper terrace is a jewel of an area covered and surrounded by trees and a lovely area away from everyone else where you can enjoy a celabratory drink after your wedding ceremony.

My couple suffered terrible thunderstorms and flash floods in the morning – but the day turned out perfectly well for them.  the sun was hot and the skies were blue and we did at times seek shelter from the sun – but with such stunning backdrops the photographs looked gorgeous.  the formal photographs were done beneath the shade of the trees and i love them because they have a relaxed feel – which is what I aim for even when i am doing the group family formal photos.

This is what Alexander House has to offer for your wedding in Sussex

“Every couple deserve a wedding day that is nothing less than perfect and at Alexander House you can exchange vows or celebrate in a setting which is truly unforgettable.

With beautifully manicured grounds, unique private spaces and a stunning reception suite with its own private garden, terrace and outdoor wedding gazebo, there are plenty of ways to plan your special day at Alexander House.

To help organise your wedding reception or civil wedding ceremony you will receive support from Helen and her team of wedding co-ordinators who can help bring your dreams to life.

As a venue, they ‘vow’ to offer their Bride and Grooms, full professional support and a promise that your Alexander House Wedding will be one of the happiest days of your life. ( and i have to say i have loved all the ones I have been to there!!)

Alexander House wedding photographer photographers1Alexander House wedding photographer photographers2Alexander House wedding photographer photographers3Alexander House wedding photographer photographers4Alexander House wedding photographer photographers5Alexander House wedding photographer photographers6Alexander House wedding photographer photographers7Alexander House wedding photographer photographers8Alexander House wedding photographer photographers9Alexander House wedding photographer photographers10Alexander House wedding photographer photographers11Alexander House wedding photographer photographers12Alexander House wedding photographer photographers13Alexander House wedding photographer photographers14Alexander House wedding photographer photographers15Alexander House wedding photographer photographers16Alexander House wedding photographer photographers17Alexander House wedding photographer photographers18Alexander House wedding photographer photographers19Alexander House wedding photographer photographers20Alexander House wedding photographer photographers21Alexander House wedding photographer photographers22Alexander House wedding photographer photographers23Alexander House wedding photographer photographers24Alexander House wedding photographer photographers25Alexander House wedding photographer photographers26Alexander House wedding photographer photographers27Alexander House wedding photographer photographers28Alexander House wedding photographer photographers29Alexander House wedding photographer photographers30Alexander House wedding photographer photographers31Alexander House wedding photographer photographers32Alexander House wedding photographer photographers33Alexander House wedding photographer photographers34Alexander House wedding photographer photographers35Alexander House wedding photographer photographers36Alexander House wedding photographer photographers37Alexander House wedding photographer photographers38Alexander House wedding photographer photographers39Alexander House wedding photographer photographers40Alexander House wedding photographer photographers41Alexander House wedding photographer photographers42Alexander House wedding photographer photographers43Alexander House wedding photographer photographers44Alexander House wedding photographer photographers45Alexander House wedding photographer photographers46Alexander House wedding photographer photographers47Alexander House wedding photographer photographers48Alexander House wedding photographer photographers49Alexander House wedding photographer photographers50Alexander House wedding photographer photographers51Alexander House wedding photographer photographers52Alexander House wedding photographer photographers53Alexander House wedding photographer photographers54Alexander House wedding photographer photographers55Alexander House wedding photographer photographers56Alexander House wedding photographer photographers57Alexander House wedding photographer photographers58Alexander House wedding photographer photographers59Alexander House wedding photographer photographers60Alexander House wedding photographer photographers61Alexander House wedding photographer photographers62Alexander House wedding photographer photographers63Alexander House wedding photographer photographers64Alexander House wedding photographer photographers65Alexander House wedding photographer photographers66Alexander House wedding photographer photographers67Alexander House wedding photographer photographers68Alexander House wedding photographer photographers69Alexander House wedding photographer photographers70Alexander House wedding photographer photographers71Alexander House wedding photographer photographers72Alexander House wedding photographer photographers73Alexander House wedding photographer photographers74


Wedding Photographers in Arundel

Weddings at Arundel Cathedral

I spot a gorgeous Angelina Colorusso creation! Beautiful Bridal Couture for the discerning bride.  If you cant find your dream dress in any of the bridal shops and you have looked for your wedding dress online, Have a look for a beautiful creation from designer Angelina Colorusso.  This dress has a timeless elegence and is simply gorgeous.  The fabulous , imposing backdrop of the Arundel cathedral gives it the majestey it deserves!

I have also photographed this dress at a gorgeous wedding at Chavenage House when Laura and Bruce tied the knot!

Arundel wedding West Sussex Arundel wedding West Sussex Arundel cathedral Weddings Arundel wedding West Sussex Arundel wedding West Sussex Arundel wedding West Sussex Arundel wedding West Sussex